Swiss Tradition on the Zugerberg

„Burkhalter Stefan - Triple eidgenössischer Kranzschwinger“

On Saturday, 13 May 2017, our boarding students will have the opportunity to experience Swiss tradition on Zugerberg whilst participating in a special activity on campus.


11 May 2017

We were able to engage Stefan Burkhalter for a workshop "Schwingen with the Champions". He is a triple "eidgenössischer Kranzschwinger", who has been one of Switzerland's elite traditional wrestlers for many years, most recently having won his 98th Wreath. He will provide our students during one day with insights into the sport "Schwingen".

After the workshop, our students will have the opportunity to test their newly acquired skills in a small tournament. Would you like to cheer on our students during the tournament and meet Stefan Burkhalter personally? In this case we look forward to your visit to Zugerberg on

Saturday, 13 May 2017 from 16:00-17:00

at the beach volleyball court on the sports field.

Information about Stefan Burkhalter at

Kind regards,
Institut Montana Zugerberg