Regional Get-togethers

The "Homecoming"  (formerly Pfingstreffen, Whitsun Reunion)

In occasion of our 90-year anniversary, it was decided to adjust the cycle of alumni events. The new year cycle is starting from 2017 and includes a total of 3 different exclusive reunions (in an interval of approx. 8 months) in two years time. An international weekend event will take place at a European destination in autumn 2017, followed by our first “Homecoming” weekend on the Zugerberg from 30 June to 1 July 2018.

During the “Homecoming” weekend (formerly Pfingstreffen, Whitsun Reunion), our alumni return on the Zugerberg from all the corners of the world and before a festive dinner and party in the evening, the Montana Club Old Boys F.C. takes on Institut Montana’s ‘Young Boys’, in the traditional Charly-Dier-Cup football match.

Many alumni use these occasions to reconnect with their friends from their time at Montana, make new ones, and rediscover their old school or new places together.

Regional Chapters

Regular monthly gatherings by our regional chapters (“Stämme”) take place in various cities across the globe. If you would like to contact one of the chapters, please send an e-Mail to

  • Austria – Graz, Vienna

  • Australia – Adelaide

  • Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo

  • China – Hong Kong, Shanghai

  • Germany – Düsseldorf

  • India – Delhi

  • Italy – Milano, Rome

  • Morocco – Marrakesh

  • New Zealand – Christchurch

  • Pakistan – Karachi

  • Russia – Moscow

  • Switzerland – Basel, Geneva, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Zugerberg, Zurich

  • Thailand – Bangkok

  • Turkey – Istanbul

  • USA – New York, Santa Monica


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